Headhunters Toronto Discount Recruiting


With access to the largest employment distribution network in North America in conjunction with deep social media penetration and niche databases we know where to find the best candidates.


Advanced screening and filtering technology allows our recruiters to process more information than ever before with unparallel speed so more time can be spent one on one qualifying the top candidates.


We take the hassles of the verification process off your plate. From academic credentials and background checks to certifications and aptitude testing we adopt your vetting processes.


  • We guarantee your results, if the candidate we provide is not the right fit we will re hire the position free of charge within 90 days of the hire. We also provide reduced fees for re hires up to one year.

Welcome to HeadHunters Toronto

Headhunters Toronto is the number one Recruitment Agency for sourcing top talent and highly qualified candidates in Toronto and across Canada. Our parent company has been at the leading edge of unique talent sourcing solutions for over 25 years with vast experience covering a large array of industries. Working with over 3000 companies on various levels of recruiting initiatives throughout the country. Our professionals make it easy and do it right. HHT is the clear choice for all your recruitment needs.

Half the price of traditional perm placement Recruitment

Discount Recruitment does not mean low quality or poor service. Our leadership team is truly dedicated to providing our clients with affordable highly effective recruitment options. Through our parent companies vast technology, business networks and databases coupled with unparalleled social media penetration our professional recruiters have the unique ability to tap into and utilize the largest purpose built employment distribution network in North America. Our ability to leverage this unique and powerful resource with advanced filtering and screening techniques allows us to speed the process and bring the percentage fee of traditional perm placement recruitment down by close to half in many cases

We quickly locate, vet and produce the best candidates

We know how time consuming and draining the hiring process can be for HR professionals. Let our recruiters do the heavy lifting for you no matter the size of your organization. We work with you in a capacity that will best suit your specific needs. This can range from offering small scale support to your existing HR dept to complete outsourcing of the entire hiring process. We will provide a solution that will work for you and your budget.

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Why Choose Us

  • Our Vast Network
    We have compiled the largest purpose built employment network in North America.
  • Global Reach
    We utilize the latest technology and social media techniques to locate top talent virtually anywhere
  • Advanced Filtering
    Our technology allows us to filter through thousands of potential candidates based on numerous criteria simultaniously
  • Candidate Guarantee
    90 day guarantee. We will rehire free of charge for the position if the candidate we provide does not work out.